Charlie Petit, the veteran science journalist who writes the MIT Knight Science Tracker, featured the Climate Shift report yesterday in his daily round up and commentary of science and environmental coverage.  Reflecting on the media analysis featured in Chapter 3 of the report, Petit says ““Journalists on the beat need to read this chapter.”

Here’s what Petit says about Chapter 3 of the report examining media coverage, largely overlooked so far:

There is lots to the report. For one thing, Chapter 3 convincingly demolishes the idea that “false balance” in reporting misled the public into thinking that the science is too uncertain to justify major dislocations in the economy to blunt the pace of climate change. There are many plots of data. Here’s one to the right. Journalists on the beat need to read this chapter.  Fox News is not included in this chapter’s data bases. Fox, Nisbet writes, addresses an audience of fixed vision that would be skeptical of climate change no matter what, so it doesn’t much change the debate (critics, including Romm, disagree). The red parts of that chart represent the portion of news stories in an elite, select group of US news outlets that reflect the consensus, climate-change-is-real opinion among researchers in the field. The other segments represent false balance and open scorn. A lot of those categories ran in the Wall St. Journal’s opinion pages.