AtΒ The Public Square, I have two articles up adapted from a forthcoming paper evaluating recent shifts in U.S. climate advocacy. Below is a brief summary of the second article followed by a reference and link to the paper.

In recent years, the left, lead by billionaire Tom Steyer, has begun to copy the strategies pioneered by Charles Koch and other movement conservatives, investing millions in castigating Right-wing politicians as know-nothing climate-deniers. But as political candidates are couched in extremist terms by both the left and the right, there is little room for building bridges, creating barriers to bipartisan legislation around issues such as climate change. The resulting inaction deepens public disillusionment with government in a time when its services and interventions are needed most. In combination with new approaches to grassroots advocacy and election campaigns, a complementary paradigm for climate advocacy is needed to shift our focus toward a broader portfolio of smaller scale policy actions and to the promotion of a more diverse array of technological options.

Nisbet, M.C. (in press). Environmental Advocacy in the Obama Years: Assessing New Strategies for Political Change. In N. Vig & M. Kraft (Eds), Environmental Policy: New Directions for the Twenty-First Century, 9th Edition. Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly Press.