Food revolutionary Michael Pollan.

The following is the second short paper topic for COMM 3201 Health Communication. Choose one of the following questions to answer, actively drawing on the assigned readings and discussion in class.

1. Drawing on the Timothy Caulfield reading, how and why does the fitness industry twist messages about exercise? What does Caulfield suggest are the most effective approaches to exercise and the optimal way to define fitness relative to health outcomes? Apart from the fitness industry, drawing on the Grabe et al. reading, how do the media and advertisers shape the “thin ideal” and perceptions of body image? What can or should be done about these effects?

2. Drawing on the Michael Pollan reading, what are the different elements or causes that comprise the new food movement? What events or trends generated greater attention to food-related issues? How does this compare to earlier discussions of the framing of complex debates such as obestiy? Drawing on the DeLind and Schell readings, what are among the major critiques of the local food / “locovore” movement?

Your paper should be approximately 1,000 words in length — and no longer than 1,500 words. Actively and substantively draw upon specific authors and readings to defend your analysis and arguments.

The paper is due in class on Thurs. Oct. 23.