The following is the fourth short paper topic for COMM 3201 Health Communication. Choose one of the following questions to answer, actively drawing on the assigned readings and discussion in class.

1. Drawing on class discussion and readings, discuss the ways in which climate change poses serious public health and security threats. Next, discuss how research has used audience segmentation techniques to better understand the “ambivalent” middle on the issue; and how different framing and opinion-leader approaches might more effectively engage this ambivalent middle.

2. Drawing on class discussion and readings, discuss how the media and popular culture have shaped the public’s risk perceptions related to both nuclear energy and natural gas fracking.  How do patterns in media attention and framing relate to both issues? What might be strategies for engaging the public and stakeholders on these issues that leads to more informed debate and decision-making?

Your paper should be approximately 1,000 words in length — and no longer than 1,500 words. Actively and substantively draw upon specific authors and readings to defend your analysis and arguments.

The paper is due in class on Monday December 1.