Choose 1 of the following 2 questions to answer.  Your 1,500 word paper should demonstrate active engagement with the readings and your arguments should be based on evidence and information from the assigned readings and class discussion.  All readings should be cited using APA style guidelines both in text and for the reference section.  Your papers are due by email by 5pm EST on Tues. Oct. 13.

1) Discuss why metaphors, language, and frames influence public understanding and policy decisions related to complex public health debates. Under what conditions or with which segments of the public are metaphors or frames especially influential?  According to research and class discussion, which metaphors or frame of reference are commonly applied to the obesity debate? What are the consequences of these storylines for thinking about proposed policy solutions and/or assigning blame and responsibility?

2) Discuss the psychological and sociological mechanisms by which the food industry uses advertising, digital technology, and other strategies to influence our choices and decisions about food.  Specifically explain mechanisms related to accessibility and association providing specific examples of each from the readings or class discussion.  Discuss how these processes might particularly apply to children and college age adults.  Also, as an example of these processes discuss the “health halo” effect in relation to popular food trends like organics or fair trade.  What can be done to protect the public against these influences?