Choose 1 of the following 2 questions to answer.  Your 1,500 word paper should demonstrate active engagement with the readings and your arguments should be based on evidence and information from the assigned readings and class discussion.  All readings should be cited using APA style guidelines both in text and for the reference section.  Your papers are due by email by 5pm EST on Monday, Nov 2 by 5pm EST.

1) Drawing on the Caulfield reading and several of the assigned studies and popular press articles, discuss why it is so difficult for experts, the news media, and consumers to understand what makes for a healthy diet? Discuss the debate over different models of diet and weight gain such as “calories in, calories out” and a rival interpretation that some calories — such as those from sugar — are more harmful than others. What role do our own personal biases and cognitive limits play in how we understand what makes for a health diet? What role do celebrities, journalists and experts who seek to engage the public play in shaping consumer perceptions and policy decisions related to diet advice and fads?

2) Discuss the psychology of how consumers make choices about food.  What attributes of a food product do they value and why? How do such considerations lead an individual, for example, to make specific food purchases or even to choose a lifestyle like vegetarianism? What role do values, world views, and strategically framed messages or interpretations play in how the public perceives the safety of genetically modified food and the battle over their labeling? What does research suggest might be effective strategies at engaging the public on the issue of GM food labeling?