Write about your experiences, reflections, and feelings applying principles from specific readings and class discussion to the following activities:

Top Down Attention Weekend: Choose an upcoming weekend and structure your activities and time around maximizing the following principles: Engaging in activities that promote an experience of “flow,” that reflect your “experiencing self” and a process of “savoring,” and that generally emphasize top down rather than bottom up attention.

— 24 Hours Digital Technology Free: Choose another day to try to spend most of your time and experience technology free.  This includes avoiding going on your computer, spending time watching TV or similar content by way of laptop, tablet, or other device; and using your smart phones for anything but phone calls (no apps, email, texting, or searching).  This also includes accessing your social media feeds by any other means not mentioned.

—A Technology/Attention Audit:  After completing both of the above activities and experiences, systematically review the “attention architecture” of your laptop, smart phones, and other devices and forms of technology.  Identify the apps, feeds, notifications, and personal habits that distract you from intentional and focused use of technology and discuss the concrete steps you took to eliminate or lessen these distractions.

Your discussion of each of these activities and the readings or principles that informed them should be 3-5 pages in length, double spaced, 12 point font. Your paper will be graded on a 10pt scale, with up to 10 points of extra credit being applied to your cumulative reading quiz scores.  So if you scored an 8/10 on four quizzes and you scored a 8/10 on the extra credit assignment, then with these extra points your score on all four quizzes would now be 10/10 etc.

You should complete these activities and the write up by FRI APRIL 15 at 5pm.

Please email me your paper when completed.