Choose 1 of the following 2 questions to answer.  Your 1,000 word paper should demonstrate active engagement with the readings and your arguments should be based on evidence and information from the assigned readings and class discussion.  All readings should be cited using APA style guidelines both in text and for the reference section. Your papers are due via email by 5pm EST on Friday, March 25.

1) Describe the role that metaphors and framing play in shaping our understanding of the obesity debate and the personal or policy actions to deal with obesity. What are the major metaphors used to define obesity as a social, personal, or political problem and what should be done? Under what conditions is the public more susceptible to the persuasive impacts of metaphors and framing? Drawing on the relevant readings, discuss and analyze the metaphors and frames of reference that the food movement has used in arguing for food system reforms and against genetically modified food. Discuss and assess arguments about the usefulness or misleading claims of food movement advocates.

2) Describe the cycle of hype that twists information about diet and fitness, the various forces and factors that promote this cycle of hype, and how it might play on our own personal and perceptual biases. According to Caulfield, what are strategies for navigating and making sense of the cycle of hype in relation to diet and fitness? According to both Caulfield and Taubes, why is nutrition science and diet particularly difficult for individuals to make sense of? Discuss the ways in which Caulfield and Taubes appear to differ in how they view the relationship between diet and health outcomes.