Choose 1 of the following 2 questions to answer.  Your 1,000 word paper should demonstrate active engagement with the readings and your arguments should be based on evidence and information from the assigned readings and class discussion.  All readings should be cited using APA style guidelines both in text and for the reference section. Your papers are due via email by 5pm EST on Wed, April 13.

1) What does research suggest about the amount of violence in the media over time and its relationship to aggression? What are the counter-arguments about the possible linkages between media violence and violent acts like homicide or assault? Besides these direct effects, what are other important effects that media violence has on individuals and culture? Does this research concern you: Why or why not? If media violence is a problem, what specific policy actions or individual actions can be taken?

2) Across the semester, in relation to the topics of food advertising, the use of mobile phones and social media, and the effects of media violence, we have discussed the relevance of “priming” to how media and technology influence individual judgments, beliefs, and decisions. Explain using specific examples how media-related priming effects us and the strategies we can use to protect against such effects. Across the semester, we have also discussed research specific to metaphors, framing, and mental scripts. In relation to obesity, the food system, and media violence, explain the role that metaphors, framing, and/or mental scripts play and the impact they likely have on how we understand these complicated problems, how we make decisions, who or what we believe is responsible for the problem, and what should be done in terms of either individual actions or policy changes. Make sure you provide specific examples.