Climate change and energy insecurity are much more than physical threats requiring scientific expertise to understand and public will to solve, they are the dominant social challenges of our time. Progress in dealing with these problems requires a shift in how we participate in politics, think about government, define policy action, communicate with others and invest in media and communities.

The Climate Shift Project is dedicated to the examination of these challenges, producing interdisciplinary research and independent media.  Climate Shift’s network  of social scientists, scholars and professionals work with a diversity of organizations and agencies; train students, researchers and leaders; and convene forums and events that engage the Washington, D.C. community.

Climate Shift is a project of the School of Communication at American University.  Partners include the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, the Yale Project for Climate Change Communication and the doctoral program in Communication at American University.  A grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation supported the inaugural Climate Shift report and the design of the web site.  Other current research is funded by the Health Policy Investigators Program at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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