Screenshot 2014-08-21 20.05.58The following is the third short paper topic for COMM 3201 Health Communication. Choose one of the following questions to answer, actively drawing on the assigned readings and discussion in class.

1. Drawing on class readings and discussion, discuss how worldviews and social identity influence public perceptions of the vaccine debate.  Also discuss how the media has portrayed the issue and the likely impact of web-based information on public perceptions? In comparison to other health and risk communication issue, what factors make the vaccine debate unique? Discuss and evaluate potential strategies for engaging those communities where vaccination has become controversial.

2. Drawing on the Caulfied reading and others assigned, critically discuss the potential and uncertainties in genomic medicine and personalized genetics.  What factors combine to hype the potential of this emerging area of research and its clinical applications? How have the media and journalists covered genetic and biomedical medicine, what frames of reference or specific themes are emphasized? What are suggestions for improving coverage?

Your paper should be approximately 1,000 words in length — and no longer than 1,500 words. Actively and substantively draw upon specific authors and readings to defend your analysis and arguments.

The paper is due in class on Monday Nov 24.