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NPR News on Framing Global Warming as a Public Health Threat

Effectively engaging the American public on climate change—including its causes, impacts, and solutions—remains both a major research question and a communication challenge. Effective public engagement requires understanding the cognitive, affective, and behavioral nature of audiences.  On the Monday, Sept. 10 2012 edition of NPR’s All Things Considered, Richard Harris reported on the findings of a…

As Unemployment Drops, Public Belief in Climate Change Shows Signs of Recovery

-Reposted from Big Think. A November Pew survey reveals a slight upward shift in public belief in climate change. A number of factors likely account for the rise in belief but the most parsimonious explanation remains a recovering economy, marked by hopeful signs of a U.S. unemployment rate below 9% for the first time since 2009….

Study Maps the Relationship Between Cable News and Climate Change Perceptions

A new study finds that Fox News tends to feature guests who doubt the reality of climate change and stories that dismiss the need for action, while CNN and MSNBC tend to feature guests who assert the reality of climate change and the need for action.  Interestingly, however, Fox tends to devote more attention to…

Public Opinion and Participation in the Climate Change Debate

Public opinion about climate change, observes the New York Times’ Andrew Revkin, can be compared to “waves in a shallow pan,” easily tipped with “a lot of sloshing but not a lot of depth.” In a recently published chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society, I review research that provides several explanations…